Who We Are
About our ministry
Founded in 2010, 1Hope4Africa is a registered Non-Profit Organisation that is passionate about Bible Training and Orphan Care in South Africa. We are a gospel-centred organisation, as we believe that the only true hope for Africa and all its challenges is Jesus Christ and His gospel of grace.
Through the African Bible Training Centre, 1Hope creates opportunities in helping people understand, enjoy, and apply their Bibles to everyday life. We seek to come alongside local churches by providing an intensive Bible training programme that will equip their members to serve more effectively in various ministries. We want to help students love God more by helping them listen and understand His word and know how to use it in their ministry toward others.
1Hope also believes that it is biblical to care for the orphan and the vulnerable (James 1:27; Psalm 68:5). We want to have the same heartbeat and compassion toward others like Jesus does. Therefore, as a ministry we are passionate about caring for orphaned children and those who cannot care for themselves. We do this through registered Places of Safety (Muphamuzi and Atlarela Baby Homes) which can care for up to six children at a time.
South Africa is facing severe socio-economic problems because of the legacy of foreign civil wars, HIV/AIDS, and poverty. The levels of social degradation, unemployment, and crime have dramatically increased over the past few years, causing mothers and fathers to abandon their children. Further, civil and social disputes in other African countries have caused many people to flee and seek safety in South Africa. This contributes to the high abandonment rate amongst children in the country. Our slogan reads “Compassion Taking Action” and together, we can move toward those who are in need in practical ways.

Meet our Team

Andre and Karlien Andre serves as the Executive Director for the NPO. He is also the Director and teacher at ABTC. Karlien is the Financial and Orphan Care Director. They both serve on the Board of Directors of the NPO.

Bongi  Social worker and intern manager for Atlarela Baby Home

Sarah Ray Internship Director

Lucinda du Toit_Lester Family_6926
Chyreece Lester   ABTC Administrator and MBH manager

Garakai and Makoena  House parents at Muphamuzi Baby Home

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Alan Lester Teacher at ABTC

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Akani and Lerato House parents at Atlarela Baby Home. Lerato also serves as an intern manager at Atlarela Baby Home

Blake and Claire Blake is the ABTC Manager and his wife Claire is our Internship Coordinator

Charissa Holdt Volunteer and Development Coordinator