Over the past several years we have developed a multi-level training programme that is designed to give students an overview of the entire Bible and a better understanding of key biblical doctrines. The goal of our programme is very simple. We want to help students love God more by helping them listen to God as He speaks through His Word. We seek to do that by helping students understand how the Bible works and what the Bible is about so that they will be equipped to benefit from it in their personal study and so that they will be equipped to explain the Bible better to others. To accomplish that, we've purposefully designed our courses to be rigorous. But the efforts students make will be well worth it, because students will come to understand both the contents and theology of the entire Bible.
*Class will run from 8:30 am - 16:30 pm on the first Saturday of each month. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Venue: 327 Hilda Street, Hatfield, Pretoria
*The total cost per course is R 1100.00 per student per year. Students can pay R100 per month per class OR make the full payment upfront. 
We currently offer two courses: Bible Overview/Survey and Systematic Theology. The overview course gives you a firm foundation about each book of the Bible, the key theological themes, and how each book fits into the bigger picture of Scripture. The Systematic Theology class is designed to teach you the fundamental doctrines found in Scripture, give you a firm foundation and understanding of biblical theology, and explain how it relates to the Christian life.

Local Church Partnership
The African Bible Training Centre is a ministry dedicated to helping people understand, enjoy and apply their Bibles. We seek to come alongside local churches by providing an intensive Bible training programme that will equip their members to serve more effectively in various ministries.
*It is our desire that the local church will partner with us in this ministry in training up their members and future ministry leaders. Therefore we would ask church leaders to consider supporting their members to attend this program and assist financially where possible. 
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